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Our Resources Page!

This page is dedicated to positive uplifting resources that support healing for mind, body and soul.

New To Me


Author and Start of Crazy, Sexy, Cancer Documentary and now Crazy, Sexy Kitchen… This is a Vegan Cookbook, but we ALL need more veggies so please ADD this great book to your kitchen.

Our family considers it VERY important to be HEALTHY on all levels so we are Strong enough to Heal from Life’s heavier moments…. such as “moving forward” when your family and friends become Angels. The stronger you are Mind, Body and Soul, seems to make Surrender to what “we can NOT change”, a little easier.

Experience Life magazine. The no-gimmicks, no -hype health and fitness magazine.


I am so Excited about this “new to me” magazine,…I just stumbled upon it online and have been completely hooked, reading cover to cover. I just had to share this empowering info with my friends, so I gifted several subscriptions.

101 REVOLUTIONARY WAYS TO BE HEALTHY App for ipad, iphone and androids

Inspired by the “101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy” (www.revolutionaryact.com/101ways), the “101 Ways” mobile app nudges you toward healthier daily choices and attitudes while helping you develop the practical skills and unconventional know-how you need to get and stay strong.

Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

I read this over the weekend and I am so grateful to Hal Elrod for all the deep thought and real life solutions he offers in this book.

I encourage everyone to visit Hal’s website www.yopalhal.com

Sweet Tweets

@HalElrod – Motivational Keynote Speaker

Bereavement Support


Oceanside Harbor, Ca 1-(760)966-0111

Captain Joe provided a very Loving and supportive service for our family and friends when we scattered my brother’s ashes. It was a wonderfully healing experience and we are grateful for Captain Joe and his crew.


The Nation’s Oldest and Largest Bereavement Resource Center

Hope & Healing for the Body,Mind & Soul Magazine

Supporting a family after a child dies

Pet Love

Dr. Tamara Hebbler, D.V.M has been our family Holistic vet for 10 years. She is incredibly wise on many levels and she is a true source of loving care for you and your furrbabies.

Family owned and operated, great website and products. Can feel their LOVE for animals and their parents.

From the Heart Links

These are my favorite sites to follow and learn from.

www.marianne.com (Marianne Williamson ~A Course in Miracles)
www.gabbyb.tv (Gabrielle Bernstein)
www.myss.com Caroline Myss

Mindful Positive Programing

~ Oprah’s channel OWN has so much “food for thought” and so many programs aimed at helping you heal on all levels.

The Soul Pancake “shorts” are incredibly cleaver and inspirational.

Our entire family records Super Soul Sunday because there is so much wisdom flowing, you will want to re-watch, for sure !

Hayhouse Radio Radio for your Soul