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All Souls Included - People and Pets

Welcome to our Angel Zone Blog,...I am Lisamarie... my family and friends affectionately call me, Mamalove.

I created this Blog as a space to Honor and Celebrate ANGELS. This Blog is meant to be Loving, Healing and FUN spirited.

LOVE LIVES ON has become our family's life theme and we are here to support everyone in their journey of healing.

If you would like to share or brag about your ANGEL, please send me photos and stories, or quotes, or book reviews, whatever, to ... info@stillcelebratingyou.com

Love and Miracles!

www.Petloss.com – Filled with Pet Angel LOVE

LIGHT a Candle on Monday Evenings

Celebrate your Pet  Angel’s Life by joining with others to Light a candle in Memory and In Honor of your Special Pets LIFE.  I just LOVE the idea that the HEARTS of Pet Parents across the globe are joined together to STILL CELEBRATE !!

pet loss

Still Celebrating Horse Love !

adorned horse

A lovely horse is always an experience…. It is an emotional experience of the kind that is spoiled by words.  ~Beryl Markham

This neighbor of mine, adorns their Beloved Horse Angel year round with such Love and Creativity,..they truly “STILL CELEBRATE” and I am grateful to “FEEL” the Loving Energy they express for all to share in.

Still Celebrating Army Angels !

Army - yr angel here

“When an Army unit returns from service in Iraq and Afghanistan, it barely gets a breather before it begins training for its next deployment.” – Hillary Clinton

Celebrating a LIFE – Book Review

celebrating a life book

I LOVED this book,  it offers a sensitive guidance on every detail – venue, food and drink, music, flowers, eulogies, programs, momentos – all with the aim of making sure that the memorial service’s honoree is remembered just as he or she would have wished.   There are checklists and a very helpful resource directory that offers much-needed help to those who have very little time to make arrangements. 

My favorite thing about this book was the attention they paid to helping anyone plan their “own” Celebration of Life.  The personal log they include makes the awkward task of articulating our wishes easier than ever.  “Planning ahead empowers the Loved ones you leave behind.”  I realized, “why not?” do my own and share with others to encourage meaningful conversations  among my family, friends and blog readers.   It took some deep thought but once I started it was quite “easy” to imagine the great PARTY I would love to plan, especially since “planning” doesn’t cost anything.

Mamalove’s Celebration of Life  – Date unknown but it will be a weekend long FUN 

Place – Fidel’s Restaurant and Hotel Carlsbad, Ca. (El Norte)

Food and Drink – Of course Mexican – Lemonade,  Dos XX, & Jack Daniels

Music – Reggae and Caribbean Calypso                                                                            

Dress – Hawaiian Theme -Friday eve  Beach wear for Saturday Festivities (Still Celebrating You T-Shirts and Sweatshirts will be in everyone’s gift bag, as well as my favorites books and other useful items to cherish).   There will be a bombfire with an amazing firework show and a sky orb launch.                                               

Flowers – All tones of PINK, BRIGHT GREEN, and WHITE.                                             

Eulogy – to be written by our dear Friend Dee – besides my hubby, I believe he knows “My Soul” in an intimate BROTHERLY way and can articulate it well. (and he wrote the most heartfelt,  detailed, funny Eulogy for my brother, Jimbo, I will be forever grateful for his friendship to our entire family)

I want everyone to LAUGH ALOTTT and KNOW I am also at the party and I will be everywhere their HEARTS carry them in their LIFE, for always.





Sacred Ceremony – Book Review

Sacred Ceremony Book

This book is filled with a wealth of ideas and inspiration for creating a Sacred Ceremony for a variety of occasions and situations, not just a “Passing”.  It is great for reference and will help as you move towards Healing on many levels.  I love this quote from Chapter 25, Passing thru the Veil.

“As we wind our way through the grieving process, dipping in and out of it, with gradually increasing spaces between the intense emotional forays, our sorrow gives way to cherished memories and, hopefully, to a greater appreciation and gratitude for Life and for the Living”. – Steven D. Farmer, PH.D.

Papalove’s new Surfboard…Jimbo Angel LogoArt Aboard.

Big Thanks to Josh Potter for helping with Laminates and David Barr for shaping another great board.

papa with tree board

Dawn Patrolling in front of our Miller-Time Surf Pad in Baja Malibu, Mexico.  Jimbo riding the waves “WITH” Papa makes it extra FUN ! 

We are never alone when we INCLUDE our beloved Angels in a our day-to-day activities.

Thank You Capp Family !

We LOVE the Thank You card we received from Banning’s mom, Katie.  We will forever be connected to the Capp family and are so Honored to Celebrate Banning’s LIFE.

Katie Capps TY card

I must share the Poem Katie lovingly wrote.

A Mother’s Heart —

The hole is mended, it takes time and

this missing moves in interesting ways—

But God is faithful and ALWAYS shows up. Like You, Andy and your Mom.

Still Celebrating Navy Angels

navy - yr name here

I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: ‘I served in the United States Navy.'”

President John F. Kennedy, 1 August 1963, in Bancroft Hall at the U. S. Naval Academy.